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I find myself a silver hair away from forty and wondering what my next forty years will look like. Will my sons grow to be the men I have hoped and prayed for all these years. Will I go back to a full time commuting career after my “wildly” successful full time (with aspirations to “stay at home”) super hero /chauffeuse /teacher /housekeeper /chef /nurse /barber /veterinarian /whatever I need to be in the moment, wife, and mother? Will I add to my tattoo collection? Will I stop coloring my hair and let the silver hairs dominate? Will I have grandchildren?…There are so many questions.

No matter what the next forty years has in store for me I intend on looking it straight in the face and taking it on with vigor.

With all that comes with it. The ups, the downs, the silver hair, the unavoidable wrinkles (though not without a fight), and all. I have no intention of dwelling on the past, not forgetting, but forgiving and moving onward and upward. Getting enjoyment out of the smallest moments to the largest ones. Really taking time to accept and appreciate the gifts and blessings given to me in this life.

Me and my son at the Oregon coast, 2014.
Photo by Naomi Bunch

Let ‘s take a detour, shall we? Let’s go back to that word I used earlier, you know the one, “vigor”. What does that word mean and why should it be so important to me?

Vigor-“be lively”
1. physical strength and good health.
2. legal or binding force; validity.
I would like to focus on the first definition of this word because our strength and health is important for our ever-aging selves. Without strength and good health can we get enjoyment out of all the moments and gifts we have been given and will continue to be blessed with?… Probably, but maybe not to the extent that we are meant to experience and receive our gifts and blessings. Maybe not as “lively” as we could.

To be lively means to be full of life and energy; active and outgoing.

I personally cannot be lively without my physical strength and good health. It is important to be aware of our bodies needs and be aware of what we are subjecting those bodies to on a daily basis. Health is not limited to exercise and food. We must be aware of what we are putting in and on our bodies also. Don’t let this overwhelm you.
I’m not saying anyone should throw out thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics, supplements, cleaning products, and all the other things we subject our bodies to everyday.
Just be aware and use clean, safe, and natural ingredients whenever we can. Be aware of what can make us sick and steal away our good health and replace it with things like cancer, hormone imbalance, fertility issues… the list goes on and on. We don’t even have to spend a lot to make these changes. Let’s educate ourselves and do a little at a time. It’s as simple as replacing potentially toxic and dangerous items in our homes as we run out.
I may still be a silver hair away from forty today but I still have a lifetime to live and look forward to and I want to live it with vigor.

Naomi Bunch

Wife, mother of sons (full-time superhero), believer, midlife blogger, and entrepreneur.


  1. Great read, looking forward to the adventure myself, rolling into my late fortys with bells on. I love life so lets do it boldly with vigor, yes please

    1. Thank you! I will have many more reads in the near future, stay tuned.

    2. Thank you for seeing this chapter as I do, as an adventure.

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