Tattoo? Yes, Please!

woman with a shoulder tattoo

I am not in crisis. I don’t care what other people think about my tats. They are mine after all. So down to the tattoo shop I go for another chance to immortalize a work of art of my choosing, using my skin as the canvas.

If you are at this point, there may be some things to consider before getting that “sick tat.” Did you know that it takes your skin longer to heal as you age? Skin loses elasticity and the ability to heal as it once did. Something that is not conducive to healing new ink. At our age, collagen production, diet, sun exposure, disease, medications, and smoking can all contribute negatively to the healing process. Please note, I am not claiming to be a tattoo expert. As a licensed cosmetologist, I do know a thing or two about skin. I also have a few tattoos myself.

Collagen Production

We need to take extra measures to care for our new tattoos to keep them vibrant and heal the skin deep down. When we age skin cannot produce collagen as it once did.

If you have any wrinkles or fine lines, this may be a sign of collagen deficiency. Using a collagen-based lotion, cream, or taking collagen supplements may help. Collagen keeps your ink looking fresh long after it heals. It is great for the rest of your skin too.


Our bodies need good food to fuel the healing process. A variety of fruits and vegetables will supply your body with the nutrients essential to healing. Some nutrients essential are vitamin C and A, copper, zinc, and protein. Including foods rich in vitamin C in your diet will help your body to make collagen too.

Sun Exposure

Be aware before getting your tattoo you will need to stay out of the sun or the tanning booth for some time. Let your tattoo heal fully before exposure to direct sunlight. After it has healed, use a good organic mineral-based sunscreen. This will keep your ink from fading or looking leathery.


Some medical conditions can cause issues when getting a tattoo. If you have a disease such as diabetes, anemia, vascular disease, or an autoimmune disorder, consult your doctor first.


Certain drugs or treatments used in the management of some medical conditions may interfere with the body’s healing process. It is always important to visit your doctor before running down to the shop.


If you smoke, consider quitting before getting tattoos. It is never too late to quit. You will heal so much faster when your body is free of the chemicals in cigarettes. While you’re at it, take advantage of all the newfound energy you have and add exercise to your healing regimen. It will increase blood flow, your general health, and speed your tattoo healing.

In conclusion

Your artist will provide you with a pamphlet or print out you on how to care for your new ink. Included will be a list of products you can use to help with the healing process. I like to use an all-natural (low ingredient) micellar lotion to assist in caring for my new tattoos. Educate yourself on how to care for your new tattoo before you get it done. Ask questions and be sure to follow any instructions given by your artist.

Be who you are. Don’t let other’s opinions get in your way of the tattoo you have always wanted. It is never too late to get that butterfly on your ankle or dragon on your left shoulder. If it contributes to your story, add it with ink.

Now, go get that “sweet tat” and put it wherever you want it and never regret it!

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