Hello! I’m Naomi. Welcome to my blog Silver Hair & Tattoos!

I am enjoying taking the midlife stride with purpose.

I am a 40 something woman, wife, mother of sons (full-time superhero), believer, lifestyle blogger, and serial entrepreneur. I am in love with who I am, the woman God made me, and who I am growing up to be. I see myself as pretty funny and fun-loving.

My personal goal with this blog is to inspire you to take life in stride with purpose and positive reflection on God’s many blessings in your life. I want to provide a place to read about topics that are relevant to life’s journey and its ups and downs.

I lovingly call my blog SHAT (kind of like shart…) 

Because life feels like a giant “shat” sometimes. It can be hard to stay positive and love where you at. However, each step of the journey is critical to our growth. Learning to embrace the tough times and still see the positive side in it all can be the hardest and yet, most rewarding. 

My greatest hope is that you’ll decide to follow along or even contribute your own story and insights. 

You can find the following topics here on my blog:

  • Fashion & Beauty (a variety of tips and product recommendations for all ages of women)
  • Lifestyle (books, apps podcasts, TV shows, and more)
  • Relationships (marriage, children, and friendships)
  • Health & Well-Being (healthy living, food, drink, and product recommendations)

I hope this blog will become a place you’ll love to visit and follow because you relate to the topics covered here. 

I would love to say hi to you. I enjoy meeting new people and expanding my ever-growing support team. Please send me a message with the form below or follow me on social media. I look forward to meeting you!

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